Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Photo from the Dominican Republic

David's (Zoe's Dad) notes: We received this postcard this week from Zoe. A few things to note: 1. Zoe is writing fairly well in Spanish 2. She is able to communicate humor, which is quite difficult  3) She used the subjunctive which is a verb tense in Spanish that we really don't use in English. It indicates an uncertain future state, is difficult to use, and Zoe uses it quite well!

There are two translations 1) My interpretation of what I think Zoe was trying to communicate  2) Google translate's Spanish to English translation. (My translation is much better!)

David's translation:
Hello, family! I hope that everything is good in Utah and I just want to say a quick "hello!" Do you like the picture of the girl? I think it's really artistic! Hahaha. This is my life - a day at the beach... not! But that's OK! Its not important, I don't need the water in the ocean now that I have running water at home! :-) jokes are really stupid. 

Google Translate:
Greetings my family. Hopefully all is well in Utah and just want to say "hello" really fast. Like this photo of this girl? I think this is very Distinction lol. This is my life, a day at the beach-no! But it's okay. No matter to me, I need the sea when now I have water in the house. Hahaha that my stupid jokes.

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