Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Nuckols are here!

They´re here! The Nuckols are here! 

We had a great surprise conference this week with our new Mission President and his wife. They´re from San Diego, CA and are suuuuuper great! Everybody loves them already. We had a great conference with them and everyone´s excited to start working with them.  

President Nuckols is great and really friendly and tall as I´m sure you can tell from the pictures. He served his mission in Spain so that´s how he knows Spanish. He told us he also likes to surf, play basketball, baseball and camp.

Hermana Nuckols is pretty much is like our long lost Young Women´s leader or something cause she just is super cute and wants to cook for us and is all of our best friend already. She´s still working on her Spanish, because she only started studying when she found out she was coming here. But so far she´s doing great! She and her husband know French because they lived in France for someodd years.

So that´s the big news for this week. The Nuckols have arrived and we´re all excited!

¨Life is a locomotion. If you´re not moving you´re not living. But there comes a time when you´ve got to stop running away from things and you´ve got to start running towards something. You´ve got to forge ahead, keep moving even if the path isn´t lit trust that you´ll find your way.¨
-The Flash

Have a summer great week and a wonderful SUMMER!

Hna Safeer