Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chilling on Gua Gua and Riding on a Tractor

My companion and I just chilling on a gua gua
waiting to leave to a meeting.
BUENAS!!!! Ok. This week. Normal and yet not normal. What is a normal day or week for a missionary? I don´t know. I don´t think it exists. Just about everyday when we come home my companions and I have always just been like, ¨Huh well today was weird.¨ Everyday is weird. 

I guess this week, we've mostly been searching for new people to work with, and we´re having successes. But let me tell you about a few people with potential. 

Max, is 19 and a girl in the ward invited him to church. He´s been 3 times, but we have only been able to teach him once since he´s int he capital all week at the University. 

David, is maybe like 30 ish and is our neighbor two doors down. He´s super good friends with the neighbor that lives in between us and is a member. We actually have taught him here and there for the last couple months, but we had  a super good lesson with him on Saturday and for the first time HE WAS AT CHURCH on Sunday! YAHOO! He´s SUPER educated and knows what he´s talking about. And check this out. He´s already read the Teachings of Lorenzo Snow book and is working on Teachings of George Albert Smith now. That´s what our neighbor gave him. Now we´re just trying to get him going on the Book of Mormon! We´ll see how that goes.

The Familia Nueces Fidel. They´re this awesome family that lives pretty far away but it´s worth the travel. It´s a mom, dad, daughter who´s 13 and son who´s 14. The dad has a niece who´s Mormon and married and lives in Utah and in December him and his kids went to visit and visited the Salt Lake Temple and he showed us pictures. Weird right? But also super cool. So they´re super friendly and inviting, but they´re in a tough situation right now because things are crazy for them. The dad´s having kidney failure and is in the process of trying to get a transplant. We´re just hoping that all goes alright!

So those are just a few people. It´s always hard to say how well or quick or lasting people will progress but only time will tell!

Ok picture time!

My new district. Oh and I don´t know if I mentioned already but Hna Peck is in our house! Together again! So it total we now have 3 Dominicans, 3 Americans, 1 Chilean, and 1 Guatemalan. We´re a good group.

I wan´t to check out this eye doctor to see how expensive glasses are here. We tried to go check it out. Turns out it´s a church. haha. We thought it was a very deceiving sign.

Our favorite little girls
wanting to take a silly picture.
Then it was our turn.

Also this week, weird story. We´re walking to this new area that we've never been to before trying to try something new. It´s a SUPER long walk to get there with no civilization, just a few motors and cars. So we walk forever there try to work a bit and then are walking back and we´re pretty tired. We see this HUGE blue tractor roll by on the street. I say to my companion ϨThat´d be a fun ride¨.Or something like that. But by then the tractor had already passed. 

Right after I made that comment my companion´s like ¨Are they backing up?¨ Sure enough they are! They back up for a while and then ask if we want a ride! SCORE! We of course said yes and there´s just like this piece of wood as a back seat and this guy takes off his jacket and lays it down for us on this seat (like a gentleman of course haha) And we jumped up and started cruising! Definitely on the funnest and scariest rides I´ve ever taken but it was a good time! And people were definitely surprised and gave people a good laugh as they saw two white girls taking this ride as they were passing by. But hey it sure saved us a long walking trip and we were real grateful! 

And as a side note,  as we were taking these pictures this guy we didn't even know pulled out his phone and took pictures too. It was definitely not something people see everyday haha.

OK, well that´s all for now! Miss you all!!!!

¨If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do no comprehend themselves.¨ - President Joseph Smith

Hasta luego!

Hna Safeer

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