Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Fireworks! Video of Zoe

David's (Zoe's dad) Note: Zoe's birthday is on December 23rd and she spent the day with her companion in the hospital. Her companion is doing really well and they are back together, working hard, and having fun.

Hna Linares came to our house to do splits and gave me an early birthday gift! (This was before the hospital trip.) A snickers, earrings, and a suprise thing that we finally figured out that we needed to light it and it was so fun! I make reference about a picture of me smoking in this video. No I´m at not smoking here... but  I´ll send the picture and explain more later!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoe In the Hospital for Her Birthday and Christmas

David's (Zoe's dad) Notes: I have not done a great job of keeping up with Zoe's weekly letters SO.... I am starting with this week's e-mails and I'll keep up and work on adding the letters that I missed as I can.

Wowie! Sorry it´s been soooo long since I´ve really written but things have been CRAZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!!! Let me try to catch you guys all up....  

First off an old Hanukkah photo from my old area. Yes we lit candles and yes we played dradel multiple times and made up our versions of the dradel song and it was super fun and everyone´s first Hanukkah! Well besides me of course!

So Hanukkah was from a very long time ago, but now I´m with a new companion (well it´s been 5 and a half weeks)

But starting on Sunday the 22 my companion, Hna Hernandez (from Chile) ended up being super sick, throwing up and a fever of 104.5 which landed us in a hospital by about 9 at night to the closet hospital which was about 30 minutes away. Luckily, we have a member of the church who lives next door and has a car, so he took us. 

This is my really sad picture of our hospital set up. I have better photos, but they´re on the camera

of Hna Rush, so I´ll send them next week. This is Hna Hernandez in a hospital bed, Hna Alcantara under a weird bed things, Hna Rush´s legs and our two mat beds. Sleepover! Yahoo!

Then Monday we were off to the capital to get surgery. Appendicitis! Ya! No idea how to spell it. But it´s already about a 3 hour bus ride to the capital and some angry workers decided to burn tires in the middle of the road and cause complete stand still traffic for who know how long. Our bus luckily was very close by when this happened, so it only took us about 40 minutes to get going again. We ended up taking a very long detour.

We should have been like this smart man and just ridden a donkey around the fire. It probably would have been faster. hahaha

This was my poor companion, but serious she has the BEST attitude!

We finally made it to the capital!

And after speaking to the mission doctor he landed us in definitely one of the nicest hospitals in the DR.

So some good news about our stay in the hospital we got some good food. The lovely Dr. Walker and his wife brought us gift baskets on Christmas morning from the Senior Missionary Couples at the MTC who had heard about our situation. It was so good and filled with AMERICAN food! It was my breakfast and lunch and it was great!

Then for dinner one the the Senior missionaries in the office made all the Elders that work in the office a good ol´ traditional AMERICAN Christmas dinner! And they brought it to me that night! Honey baked ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, green salad, pumpkin and banana cream pie!