Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Doubt your fears before you doubt your faith."

David's Note: Zoe is doing very well. I'm behind in posting her letters... a lot more to come.

This week was good, but kind of slow... However we had a couple of really good activities at the church. First off POLAR EXPRESS! I don´t know why they chose that movie, but they put in on a projector outside and watched it Wednesday night. I don´t know what the rules are for missionaries watching Polar Express for a branch activity, but I had no complaints being there for the support! Alot of people saw it playing as they walked by and just came in and joined us. The more the marrier!

The second activity was all about the missionary work. It was really awesome and we had a turn out of about 50 people! We´re just a small little branch, so it was really great! We also had a baptism that night in the branch of a little boy named Yeferson who was born into the church but had just turned 8. Also a guy in our ward just got his mission call and he open it at the activity and is going to the DR Santo Domingo East mission! Yahoo!!  Plus, the next day after the activity at church, we had an exceptionally high attendance number, and a few reference that I´m really excited about! We´ll visit them this week and I hope all goes well.

Sorry that that´s all I got for today. The works still going, maybe I´ll have more stuff next week. I was going to send photos today, but I couldn´t . Did you know you can email memes now?

Until next week remember always, ¨
¨Doubt your fears before you doubt your faith.¨  -Deiter F. Uchdorf

Have a good week!

Hna. Safeer