Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zoe Goes to the Temple in the Dominican Republic

David's Note (Zoe's Dad): Temples are special places and there are only about 125 in the whole world, so going on a trip to the temple is a special treat.

Another week has come and gone. Let me tell you some things. Nothing big has happened, but I have photos, so here we go.

This is Daniel and his friend. They´re not members, but were invited to a baptism. We ran into them at their neighbor´s house all ready to go in socks with flip flops, jeans, polo shirts and ties. Fancy!  
I told two of our investigator girls that are sisters they could give me Dominican hair. Here´s how it went.

 We got special permission to go on a temple trip with our branch in the captial on Saturday! We were up bright and early to leave at 530 am. This is me with Cesarina, who was SOOO excited for her first time in the temple.

Also a perk of a temple trip in the capital is PIZZARELLI!

This is us on our super long bus rides to the temple.

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