Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zoe's been in the DR for 6 months and her roommate has lice!

David's Notes: Zoe asked me to post a talk given by Elder Uchtdorf, an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as "the Mormons.") Here is the link to that talk...

Take about 5-10 minutes to read the talk, or about 18 minutes to watch. Either way, you will get something out of it and understand more about why Zoe is in the Dominican Republic for two years.

Wow what a week! A couple of cool things happened that I´d particularly like to share.

One is interviews with the President of the mission. Every few months he has interviews with all 250 of us missionaries in this mission. This was my 2nd interview ever. At my first I had only been in the field for about 2 weeks. With 6 months under my belt now he commented on how wonderful my Spanish was and that he was pleased that I had no problem understanding him or communicating. YAHOO!

"Uh,oh! Someone has lice!"

The second thing was General Conference. WOWWWWW. So good! I feel like I really don´t have to expand on that, but I would like to share something. For anyone who wants to know why anyone would ever want to join our church, WATCH THIS!  (Dad please post the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf. gracias!) 

I've really had a great and exciting week, but don´t have too much time to expand more. But this work is amazing. I´m forever blessed for my opportunity to be here! And remember...

¨Life isn't about finding yourself, it´s about creating yourself¨´-Anonymous

Until next week, 
                                                                   Hermana Safeer

Zoe- Playing Volleyball and Making Contacts!

David's note: Zoe has moved to a new town. It's inland but she get's to the shore once a week.

There´s been some fun stuff this week. One thing is we had exchanged this week, so I went out with Hna. Becar who´s our Hermana Leader in our area and we some good success! 

One thing is that we met an awesome family. We were just walking around and said hi to this family sitting outside and they instantly invited us in and had us sit down. We just introduced ourselves a bit and also gave them the invitation to church and scheduled a new appointment with them in a couple days. They were super nice and it was good. 
Then my companion and I went back two days later and first thing when we walk in the 15 year old girl Ruth says, ¨Church tomorrow at 9 right?!¨ We´re just like ¨Ya it is, glad you remembered¨. And we gave them a little lesson. 
Then Sunday she was at church promptly on time! It´s great! We only had met her 3 days ago but she was so excited to come and she said she really enjoyed Young Women´s and her other classes. I´m super excited to keep working with them!

OK, now for the other exciting part about exchanges with Hna. Becar. We were talking to one of our investigators that we had ran into in the streets. Then his friend comes up and reminds him about volleyball that night and invites us to come too. Hna. Becar´s from California and used to play also so we excepted the offer and at 7 we went and played super competitive volleyball in our skirts with a bunch of Dominican guys and it was SOOOOOOO fun! We both played super great and it was the best game of volleyball I´ve played in forever. This game was LEGIT! I had so much fun for real. And kicked some butt. Anyways we did use it as a good contacting opportunity. Now 35 more guys in this town know that church is Sunday at 9 and that the Mormon Missionaries can play some volleyball for real. It was a miracle to be a companion that day who could and would play that day! 

Also this week I hit 6 months- what the what?! I´m getting old! 

attached a couple of pictures, but nothing excited. I´ll try to do better next week!

Hope all is well!

Hermana Safeer
 P.S. Don´t forget about General Conference everybody! You don´t have to be a member to watch and you´ll be able to hear from some amazing people, some great messages!  If you don´t know where to watch it on TV, you can watch online at this Saturday and Sunday. 

Our rama is broadcasting it in the church in Spanish, English (primarily for Hna. Glauser and I), and for the first time in the area, CREOLE! Such a blessing for all the Haitians to have the opportunity to hear it in their native tongue! So excited!

And remember,

¨The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue- it is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already know.¨ - Jeffery R. Holland

Zoe Moves to the Countryside & Hna. Moreno

David's Note: I have fallen way behind on posting Zoe's e-mails so I am going to try to get caught up.... lot's of postings in the next day or two...!


Hola! This week has been good, yet a little crazy a
gain. It was transfers! I{m out of Quisqueya and it{s weird but good! I{m sad to have left, especially because I know Quisqueya is going to have a lot of work this month and a lot of baptisms, and Juan Carlo{s mom is going to progress so much in these upcoming week, she wants to get baptized so badly! 

But on to Vicente Noble which is my new area. It{s about 4 hours worth of driving away from the capital and my old area. It{s as far out towards Haiti as Hermana{s go and me and the other American Hermana that came with me are the first American Hermana{s to be in this area. I have my first only speaks Spanish companion, Hna. Moreno and she{s from here and super nice and outgoing! It{s a weird switch to ALL Spanish, but good because i{m going to learn a TON this transfer. So in my house it{s me, Hna. Moreno (from Santo Domingo), Hna. Linares (from Mexico) and Hna. Glauser (from Syracuse UT) and it{s super fun! We've got a good house! And the literal house is really nice too and has 2 bathrooms and a big kitchen and a big main room! We have more space than we did in our last house! No hot water this time, but it{s hot outside anyways so it{s not a big deal!

The area is BEAUTIFUL! There{s actually trees and plants and isn't just all cement! There{s a ton a fruit and we have cherries, guavas, limes and i don{t even know what other fruit just growing at our house and i can eat cherries right of the tress from my bed window! The weather is really dry because we{re in a desert, but I've always liked the dry heat. Plus we actually get a breeze here yay! The people here are soooo nice! People aren't this nice, but they are! We teach a lot more families and adults here, which is a nice change. The ward is small (maybe 30 people) but with time it will grow. 

That{s all I have for today! I have some pictures from Quisqueya, I don{t know how to load my pictures from my new area, but I{ll work on it more next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hna. Safeer