Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Weekend of Miracles! "Hope on. Journey on."

David's Note: Hermana means "sister" in Spanish. Hna is "hermana" abbreviated. "Comp" is short for companion.


This week has been CRAZY. Let me tell you about it...

Let´s start with Wednesday. WE had just had district meeting and my house was making lunch for the Elders. Hna. Hurlburt was putting garlic bread in the oven and she realized that the oven was off, so she lit a match to restart it and was reaching into the oven to restart it and BOOM! A huge ball of fire pushes back everyone who was working in the kitchen, but especially Hna. Hurlburt, who ended up on her butt. 

First thing I do is look at Hna. Hurlburt to see if she still has a face. I see that se does and then feel my face to make sure I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes and I do. Then I hear Hna. Hurlburt say, ¨my hands!¨. She kept fairly calm, but then realized her hands had been burned. We put them under water and waited for the Elders to come over.

Once they came over they looked at her hands and helped us to know what to do to relieve the pain and luckily the Assistants to the President are in our district so they put her and her companion in the car and they go to the emergency room. After that she went to the mission Dr. and he gave her ointment and gauze and helped her know how to continue treating her hands.

She came home with wrapped hands and eyelashes with the tips singed off, but she was OK  That fire was HUGE. It should have burned her face, but it only got her eyelashes, hands and some of her arms. Someone was definitely watching over her. Miracle number 1 this weekend. 

Now it’s Thursday. My companion is really sick and tired and throwing up and we don´t know why. Hna. Hurlburt can´t work because she can´t let her burns be out in the sun. Hna. Buhrley is also feeling a bit sick and freezing even though it´s like 90 degrees outside and is wearing a hoodie and sweats in the middle of the day. So us 4 are home. However Hna. Dominguez and I have 2 baptisms this Saturday and need ot get things done and paper work filled out because their interviews are the tomorrow.

So later in the day Hna. Buhrley feels up to going out and goes out with me to get stuff done. First, we stop at Ashley´s house. She´s not home because it´s her birthday, she just turned 17. We can´t give her our gifts and we can´t get the paperwork filled out. But we keep on going and go to Juan Carlo´s house. We share a brief message with him and his mom and then ask her if she can fill out the paper work tonight and we could pick it up the next day, because by this point it´s late and we need to get home. She gladly agrees.

Now it’s Friday. Hna. Hurlburt still has her burns. Hna. Buhrley feel sick again and companion´s even worse. At this point she has not eaten in 24 hours but has only been drinking and is still throwing up these liquids. I´m REALLY concerned about her. I´m also concerned about the baptisms because we haven´t talked to our Ward Mission Leader to make sure everything´s set up and ready and see what still needs to be done and what we need to do. We also don´t have the paperwork and without that there´s no baptisms. 

My comp is so sick but luckily that day we had splits with the missionaries from the MTC who are still in training so they can get a taste of what´s it going to be like for a day, so now at least I´m going to have a companion to work with and get things done.

Time comes along to go get our girls and my comp is super sick and asleep. I tell the other hermanas to call me if anything happens to her. My MTC girl is Hna. Guiyombal ( I´m 100 percent sure I spelled that wrong) and she's 22 and from the Philippines and super cute and we´re off running around like crazy people trying to get these baptisms put together. I cool go into detail about how crazy our day was, but it´s just too much so I´m going to skip that part. But our day was crazy and we ran around like crazy, but miraculously everything got done that day that needed to get done and Hna. Guiyombal was super awesome and friendly and wasn't shy to speak the Spanish she does know.

So finally the day is over and I find out that the Assistants and the President´s wife think that Hna. Dominguez has Dengue Fever. I´m livid that nobody called me to tell me even though I had asked them to if anything happened, but they said that I sounded too overly stressed on the phone and decided it´d be best to just tell me when I got home. My poor comp was miserable.

Now it’s Friday. It all started at 230 a.m. when I woke up. I woke up just feeling crazy thinking about everything I needed to do. All I wanted to do was to wake someone up and tell them that, but that was a stupid idea so after an hour I decided to shower instead. We have to flip a switch to turn on our water heater and then wait a while for it to heat, but I didn't have the patience and decided a cold shower would do and didn't even flip the switch for the hot water heater. I turned on the water and it was HOT. Hot as if the hot water heater had been on for a long time, but it wasn't on at all. So I ended up taking a steaming hot shower unexpectedly. Miracle number 2.

Then I get out of the shower still wishing someone else was up cause I knew I still wouldn't be able to fall asleep and I hear someone else. It´s Hna. Buhrley. It´s now 3:30 a.m. and she had also been up since 2:30 a.m. because she had been freezing and had been laying there for an hour wanting to wake me, specifically, up to tell me she was cold, but realized that was a dumb idea. We didn't know that the other one was awake and couldn't sleep and just wanted to talk, but here we were accidentally running into each other in the hall at 3:30 a.m. in the morning. Miracle number 3. 

We were so glad to be with each other and both felt like we wouldn't be able to sleep, so we both went out to the front room and just chilled with each other, until we both were able to fall asleep at 6 am, until we woke up to our alarms at 630 am.

Now our Saturday morning is really beginning. My comp we let sleep in, but she´s up by 7 throwing up water and is in a ton of pain. I get back on the phone with the assistants again and they try to figure stuff out. By 830 we´re told to pack enough stuff and clothes to last us 2 days, we´re going to the hospital. That means we´re not going to these baptisms, very sadly, and we quickly put the other Hnas in charge of it.

They come and pick us up by 9 and we´re at the hospital by 930 or 10.  We get there and oh boy we are not in the United States. Only the bottom floor is built. All the other upper stories are under major construction and don´t have any walls. The first thing I see is a nurse with bright blue nails. Nurses in the US aren't even allowed to wear nail polish. Our second nurse had her long hair down and had an all-white suit on instead of scrubs. It´s just weird stuff like that and that nothing looks like it´s new. They had type writers!

Hna. Dominguez with an IV
Anyways, they give Hna. Dominguez an IV, first thing and draw her blood. She still is feeling really sick. She also has some ore shots and more tests and it´s not very pleasant for her, but we learn she doesn't have Dengue! Miracle number 4 and by the time the first IV is gone she´s starting to feel better. So now we´re just chilling. She´s getting better and we´re wondering if any test results will show what´s wrong. We’re relaxing and the nurse on the other side of the curtain is watching Glee, so we´re enjoying the music from that  and the Elders are in and out of our ¨room¨ (of curtains) and are helping to keep us entertained and her mind off of things. After a few hours, for the first time in days my comp has color, isn't extremely sleepy, her head and eyes and stomach and body don´t hurt. She never got diagnosed, but we were able to surprisingly get back in time for the baptisms. Miracle number 5.

The baptisms went well. I´ll post pics but next week because I’m about out of time. Afterword’s, Xiomara (Juan Carlos´ mom) and Pablo (His cousin who lives with them) tell us that they´re next, that they want to get baptized. We´re already teaching them and they´re already progressing, but we´re happy to hear that!

Things all seemed to be well and calm at last, but Hna. Burhley still isn't doing well so even though we had been taking her temperature before, she asks to take it again and has a fever of 103 now. I don´t know how to fix it, so we call the assistants again and they help us talk us through it. It takes a few phone calls and about 1.5 hours, but finally her temperature goes down. It´s now 11 pm, everyone in the house is relatively healthy and I can finally go to sleep. Miracle number 6.

Longest blog email ever! It´s super long and crazy, just like this weekend, but I hope you enjoy it! 

¨Hope on. Journey on.¨ - Jeffery R. Holland

Until next week,

Hermana Safeer 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Really Good Week! Nothing in particular....

David's Note: Zoe uses Hermanas instead of "Sisters" throughout her note. I am sure that she has other Spanish words that she substitutes for English regularly.

This week has been really good! Nothing particular I´m dying to talk about, but we´re teaching some AWESOME people which is always great! 

Things were a little crazy. We had a conference for all the Hermanas this week and did splits 3 days this week. Which is CRAZY a lot. Also we had other Hermanas sleeping over at our house this week, so it´s been hectic, but good! One of the days of my splits I was able to go with an Hermana from Mexico, and she doesn't speak any English so it was good to be forced to speak ONLY Spanish for an entire day. It´s still not completely natural for me but it went really well and we did a good job working that day! Also, another day my companion and I took out an Hermana who´s still in the MTC and we got to take her with us to our lessons that day. She did awesome! She´s learned a lot of Spanish already since she´s been here and she´s going to be so great once she actually gets out here in the field. 

This is Hermana Buhrley, Hermana Jorgensen and I. We´ve been super lucky to live together for 5 months on the mission! Not very many missionaries get to be together for that long, but we´ve been able to and it´s been so great!

This is our full district at the temple. It was sooo nice to be able to go!

These are all the Hermana´s in our mission. We had an Hermana Conference this week. It was good.

¨As we press forward along the straight and narrow path, we build progressive spiritual strength- strength in using our agency to act for ourselves.¨ -Robert D. Hales

Monday, September 2, 2013

Zoe Dance Battles in her Dominican Nightgown & Human Frailty

David's Note (Zoe's Dad): Zoe makes reference to a bad keyboard and weird writing. I correct spelling and typo's so she doesn't have to worry about it.


Hello everyone! Sorry I'm on a funky keyboard right now, so my writing is a little weird today... but everything is well here in the DR! 

It's been a good week! It's gone by very quickly and we've just been nice and busy. A couple cool things is that we got to go to the temple this week with our zone and another zone and the mission president and his wife. It was really nice.

Also, a funny story. The other night my housemate and I were being goofy and laughing and kind of dancing weird and one of the girls in the room tells us that they think these 2 girls are watching us. We look up out of our huge window and see two girls that are about our age across the street on their balcony and they are watching us.  We're on the second story, and so are they, so nobody below us can see us, but we can see each other.  Then they start dancing back at us. Next thing we know me and my housemate are in a dance battle with our cross the street neighbors and we just have this dance off for like 20 minutes in our Dominican night gowns and it was super funny and we're all just laughing. It was intense, but I'm pretty sure we won. Ha, ha, ha.. and the great thing too is that they're doing their Dominican Latina booty shaking dancing, but we're missionaries so we're just doing things like the Charleston and interpretive dance and things like that on our side. I'd like to think that we're friends now with those girls.

We're working with 2 people for baptism and a group of 3 boys that are Juan-Carlos' friends and they're great and all go to church together and all the lessons together and the are awesome! 

Before I forget. One of the girls also has a blog incase you want to check it out it's 

And heres a lovely message - I can't do quotation marks. Sorry! 
"Be kind regarding human frailty... Except in the case of His only perfect Begotten Son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. This must be terribly frustrating to Him, but he deals with it. So should we."
  -Jerffery R. Holland