Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hernan stops smoking!

David's Note: Zoe didn't send any pictures so I added an old one!

Hola familia!
So I forgot my camera.... so no pictures this week. Sorry! Next week!

But I´ll just share a quick experience. So we´re working with the AWESOME man. His name´s Hernan and he´s super great and 65 and only has one arm. He lives in the house of our Branch Mission Leader and was invited to church last Sunday. We visited him the next day. It´s now been ONE WEEK since we´ve started teaching him. He´s been to church twice (for all 3 hours both times), has been praying daily, and HAS QUIT SMOKING AND DRINKING COFFEE. What? Yep that´s right. In one week of us working with him. He used to smoke a pack a day. These last few weeks before us he´d been lowering it down but now he´s done! If that´s not a miracle quitting smoking in 1 week than I don´t know what is! He´s planning on being baptizedApril 19th and we´re stoked!
That that´s all for today.
Talk to you next week!
Hna Safeer

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