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August 25, 2014

Hey everyone! Sorry it´s been a while since I´ve sent out a big email, things have been good, but crazy. BUT today I´m going to send lots and lots of photos so be excited!

Let´s start with like 3 weeks ago, HERMANA CONFERENCE! We had such a fun Hermana Conference with all the hnas the mission! It was in Bani, down south where it´s nice and green.

We had a beautiful bus ride of greenery. 

All the heremanas coming from the capital on the bus.

We represent! I don´t know how well you can read the photo, but in our mission we have 63 heremanas. 33 from the US, 8 Dominicans, 5 Guatamalens, 5 Mexicans, 3 for Haunduras, and 1 from Argentina, Chila, Costa Rica, Karibati, Peru, the Phillipines, St. Lucia, Spain and Turks and Caicos.

Do you all see that?! CHEESECAKE! AMERICAN CHEESECAKE! It was a dream! And Hna Nuckols made home made chocolate sauce and bought us ROOTBEER! What a delight! 

These two pictures are all the girls from my group! We´ve had such fun times here together and it was so fun to see them again when I haven´t seen some of them for months!

Me and some friends that I haven´t seen in a while!

Hnas Gluaser, Linares, Hamblin, Hurlburt and Peck!

Now our super sweet P Day.

We had a final District Meeting and our dear District Leader, Elder Asenjo was finishing up his mission so for his last hurrah we had a SHREK MARATHON!!! It was great. Ya´ll know how much I love Shrek. We went to the Stake Center and the Elders had gotten a DVD player, progector and huge speakers to use. It was better than a theatre. We had a private room set up with food and everything. It was great! Even if it was in Spanish super good. I only don´t like Donkey too much in Spanish but the rest was A-OK.

So many baptisms! We had 3 baptisms last week! 2 brothers that our the children of a recent convert and they´re goal is to be sealed in the temple:) They´re 14 and 11 and super bright. Want to know something great? Their dad and the 2 sons are all named Pablo De la Cruz. But the dad goes by Pablo, the oldest by Pablito and the youngest Pabel.

Also Jose. We´ve seriously been working with him for like 5 months. He always went to church and all the activities but was slow to decide that he wanted to get baptized. He turn 18 this week and is also super great!

 Pablo (the dad and recent convert) baptized his sons and the bishop baptized Jose. It was a super baptism!

Last of all we´ve been having some CRAZY rain. It´s been storming all these last few days. I litterally took a shower on our roof. It was raing so hard I just grabbed my shampoo and stuff and went at it! It´s been fun and cool, but making work a little difficult. Dependant on how hard it´s raining sometimes we get trapped and can´t walk around so we have to just hide from the rain for a reeeeeallly long time sometimes. Since like Friday it´s pretty much been raining non stop. And last night we had a nice thunder storm! So that´s been fun too!

So that´s be quick but longish update of the last 3 weeks! 

¨And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.¨ - Isaiah 32:17


Hna Safeer

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