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September 8th, 2014

Buenas dias hermanos y hermanas. jajaja

OK. First of all let me tell you a little story. Like 5 minutes ago we logged on to email in this internet center and we hear think huge THUD sound. We all look outside and a giant tree fell in the middle of the road. I don´t know what happened. But here´s a photo.

Also it´s been super rainy, but we got a beautiful rainbow over the church the other day!
Now time to back track. Last week we had a temple trip! It was super great. We had a special devotional too before we started our session. In the DR Santo Domingo temple there´s a special like meeting room, it kindof looks like a conference room, but I  don´t know what the actual room is called. They told us that only 12 temples in the whole world have this room, so I thought that was pretty cool. Then we had a devotional with our group of missionaries, the mission president and his wife, and the temple president and his wife. 

This is me with my district and with Hna Linares who was also there!

Also last P day we went to Agora Mall. The only mall here with a Forever 21. And it has a lot of European stores so that was fun to see and we of course had a super fun time and it was super weird cause I´d had 17 months without being in a mall, but I felt right at home
FOOD COURT. Pizzarelli and Quiznos! What a treat!
Hna Paul trying on a shirt with her 2 favorite things, pizza and cats, at Zara.
When we left the mall we spotted this giant gorilla and took pictures by it. You can´t tell but we´re in a major downpour in these photos.

Also this week we had a great time having interviews with President. He talked to us about finding people to teach and talking to everyone and getting references, so we´ve really put our minds to it these last couple of days and already we´re finding some AWESOME people to start working with!

¨Signs and miracles were promised to ´follow them that believe´, thus confirming their faith in the power divine; but no intimation was given that such manifestations were to precede belief, as baits to catch credulous wonder-seekers.¨  -James. E Talmage from his book Jesus the Christ

Have a super awesome chevere week!

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