Monday, May 11, 2015

September 1st, 2014

Photos that have been found day! These are some old photos that I´m taking from Hna Mieses´ camera today so you can see some new old stuff!

First off she thinks it´s hilarious that I can´t eat a mango without making a mess. It´s so hard!

Old photos from our trip from the Botanical Gardens.

Pizza Party!

 And we had a game night in the chapel and we taught everyone how to play duck duck goose. We thought it´d be lame but the LOVED IT! They had never played before! Also, we called it hormiga hormiga cucaracha (ant, ant, cockroach) because we didn´t know how to say goose in spanish. It seems more fitting for this country anyway hahaha

 Playing pelota aka stick ball as they do it here in the DR. It´s rough. You don´t even hit at a ball, just at plastic water tank caps. But I still did a good job if I may say so my self.

I wanted to send more and current photos from this week but sorry I ran out of time. Look forward to it next week! Also FYI I received an email last week that I´m no longer allowed to send letters without going through this lengthy process because I´m going home so soon, so sorry if you don´t get anymore letters!

¨Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.¨ -John Wooden

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