Sunday, July 20, 2014

There´s always a silver lining!

Buenas dias! 

This week has been a another great week out here in the mission field. Nothing too special, but I´ll share a couple of things.

One, Heladio got baptized!! Remember Heladio from Sabana Yegua with one arm and quit smoking? I got to talk to one of the Hermanas out there this week and they told me he did get baptized and has not missed a week of church since. Yahoo! He´s such a good man. He always walked very slowly to church. It´s a struggle for him to walk, but he always was there.

Also my pobrecita companion (Hermana Paul) has Chickinguya.(I´m pretty sure I spell this virus different everytime). It´s finally hit someone in our house. So a week ago she had a fever for like 3 days. Then starting last night she started having what looked like a ton of giant hives. Then this morning she was up since 2 because she was so itchy and I woke up and it had gotten a LOT worse. So we made a trip to Dr Walker, the mission doctor, and recognized it real quick as a classic case of Chickinguya, but with some pretty extreme skin reactions. But he gave us medicine and instructions of what to do and all that good stuff. It will last for at least a few days... or week, but she´s always doing better with her medicine. 

I don´t know if you can see the splotches super well in this photo, but on the positive side, we got to eat at taco bell because it´s close to the doctor´s office. 

There´s always a silver lining! hahaha

On an ending note, "Happily every after is not a fairy tale. It is a choice!¨ -Fawn Weaver

Have a great week!

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