Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photos - Baptisms, Teaching AND Some Play Time


Everything´s been grrrreat this week as usual! I´m going to start off this week with some photos.

We had an awesome multi-zone activity last p-day and we played all types of games and saw the dedicatory plaque for the church in this country. We had 3 zones from the Capital there and President and his wife showed up and played around with us as well:)

Another photo of us at the activity.

We also had our last district meeting together and here´s a photo

And this is Jose ( a member) and Wilker (almost to be baptized).

We also had the world´s craziest lesson with 8 teenage boys. We had a lesson planned with 2 boys, but one of them brought 5 of his friends and they've all been going to church regularly and all the activities so that´s good. And we had it in the house of a member who´s also a teenage boy. It was crazy, but now they all know the 10 commandments memorized!

Oh ya... WILKER was baptized this weekend!! Yahoo! He´s only 12, but he´s been going to church and all the activities every week for the last 6 months. He´s also really good friend with two of the families in our ward, so he has Family Home Evening with one of them every week. He was sooo happy to FINALLY be baptized.

Also, this week we´re particularly excited about a woman named Gladis. We've been teaching her about 3 months by now and she often came to church alone with her 5 children all under the age of 11, but wasn't progressing wonderfully. She was not a very happy person (she´s in a really rough situation with her husband right now), rarely in her house when we came for our scheduled lessons, she wasn't reading her Book of Mormon, we kinda had to drag her to church often... but now there´s SUCH A CHANGE! Something has clicked and she´s converting for real! She´s reading, coming early to church (still with all 5 kids), is on time to her appointments and we´re so happy for her! Her baptism is planned for the 28th this month and she´s finally ready and excited! It´s also not only her, but especially her 8 year old daughter who didn't like us too much before, now is excited when we come over and loves church! We´re soooo happy for them and so excited to just see things get better and better:)

 Well that´s all for this week. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD!! 

Make good choices everyone and always be a good friend to all.
¨My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.¨-Henry Ford

Until next time,

Hna Safeer

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