Monday, July 14, 2014

Bloody Thursday and the Dreaded "Chickengunya"

Buenos dias!

Alright here´s the top news stories for this week:

1. Chickengunya. A new mosquito virus that´s sweeping the nation. Apparently it somehow came here from Africa. It consists of full body pain and fever. We´ve been told 70% of the country has it. And we believe it! Seriously, everybody and their dog has it. I don´t know how nobody our home has gotten it yet. I guess the Lord needs us working and not in bed. 

2. Elder Jeffery R. Holland was here! So actually this was  a couple weeks ago but I forgot to write about it. One of our investigators told us about it, that he saw it on the news and was super excited to see somebody from our church. He didn't know he was an apostle, but we've heard that Elder Holland was in the country for a couple weeks and was working with Danilo, President of the country. Maybe you guys back home can look up photos or something. (Read article here.) And some news articles. I think he was talking to Danilo about social issues or something. I´m not to sure. If anybody find out more, let me know. And send me a photo of him with Danilo:)

3. Gladi got baptized!!! And her two oldest kids as well! 

OK, here we have Hna Paul and I with the whole family.

Cynthia and I. At first she hated when we came over. Now she loves us and she loves church!

Everyone right before the baptism.

Gladi right after she came out of the baptismal font. She didn't know I was there with my camera. That was her real face. So happy!

4. Bloody Thursday.

Once upon a time my companion had a bloody nose. For 3 hours. Which finally ended us up in the hospital. Luckily we live right across the street, so at midnight Friday night us 2 and the other 2 missionaries in our house made a midnight trip to the hospital. Her nose finally stopped bleeding (before anyone had actually helped us) but they took her blood pressure just to make sure everything was ok, then send us home around 1 am.

And one more picture of Arjeny. Gladi´s 2 year old boy :)

¨Work without vision is drudgery. Vision without work is daydreaming. Vision with hard work is exhilarating!¨
-President Nuckols. He said this to us, but I´m not sure if he made it up or heard it somewhere else.

Have a great week!

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