Monday, August 12, 2013

Kindness and Zoe's Making Progress in Spanish

David's (Zoe's dad) note: Zoe's Spanish is getting better. I will try to translate it literally so you can get an idea of where she is at.)

Hola mi familia y amigaos! Yo quiero escribir en español mas, pero yo estoy muchísimas mas rápido cuando yo escribir en inglés, pero yo puedo escribir un poco en español ahora y ustedes pueden usar GoogleTranslate. Yo tengo mi compañera nueva. Su nombre es Hermana Dominguez y ella es de la Puerto Rico. Ella es muy chevere y tiene muchas paciencia para mi español. Pero todo esta bien especialmente porque mi español esta progresando todos los días...... y ella sabe ingles también, entonces no necesita hablar en TODO español. Pero tratamos especialmente en los calles.  

(David's translation: Hello my family and friends! I want to write in Spanish more, but I am a whole lot faster when I to write in English, but I can write a little in Spanish now and you can use Google Translate. I have my new companion. Her name is Sister Dominguez and she is from the Puerto Rico. She is very cool and has lots of patience with my Spanish. But every is well especially because my Spanish is progressing every day...and she know English also therefore no need to speak in ALL Spanish. But we try especially in the streets.) 

(To save you time, here is the Google Translate version: Hi my family and AmigaOS! Spanish I want to write more, but I'm plenty faster when I write in English, but I can write a little in Spanish now and you can use GoogleTranslate. I have my new companion. Her name is Sister Dominguez and she is from Puerto Rico. She is so cool and has lots of patience for my Spanish. But all good especially because my Spanish is progressing every day ...... and she knows English well, so no need to speak in Spanish ALL. But try especially in the streets.)

Entonces... now for the English. Everything is great! I´m really excited for the work that is happening here. A couple quick updates with some progressing investigators:

Rosie is still just super excited for her baptism. Last time we went over to her house with some other girls in the ward and she was sitting outside her house with her other friend in the ward with their scriptures open and working on Personal Progress Award and she´s not even a member yet! She also has invited her friend, Ashley to church and she´s come 2 weeks in a row now! She´s also 16 and is super cute! We´ve started teaching her and she´s super awesome and I think good things may happen with her.

Carla´s baptism is going to have to be moved. She hasn´t been going to church or anything, and we´ve talked to her but we just need to figure stuff out. We´re not sure if she just doesn´t want this anymore, or if she´s just being 17 and doesn´t feel like going to church just cause or what. Her friends in the ward don´t know either, but we´ll figure it out! 

Juan Carlos (age 12) is still coming to church has a lot of excitement and has a baptism date for the 31st. He´s so excited! We meet with his mom too and she´s working with us and hoping to get baptized, but she´s probably going to take a little bit more time. But she´s enjoying church and is reading the things we´ve asked her and told us that she´s really excited for Juan Carlos. She said that he´s used to go to different churches just by himself, but this is the first church that he actually does anything with and since we´ve taught him how to pray he prays every morning and every night. It´s so great!

Oh and we hadn´t been able to find Cazy in a while. It´s because he moved out of nowhere. People do that here. Oh well, there´s nothing we can do now, but I hope he finds new missionaries where ever he is!

The weather here is just HOT. And humid. One of my old housemates who finished and went back to Utah came back to visit us this week in the DR with her family and she said she´s been freezing in UT, even though it´s been so hot. Here it´s just so hot AND humid! Also it hasn't rained for a while, but I´m started to miss it just since it´d cool things down. El sol esta que no perdona. (The sun is unforgiving.)  I learned that phrase this morning y esta verdad! (It's true!)

I have been teaching piano to some of he youth and they have a lot of excitement to learn! They don´t really have music education here, so they´re so excited for this opportunity and I´m glad I can help.

Una mas cosa, yo tengo una otra quotacion (I don´t don´t know if that´s a real word) que me gusta: 

"What a joy, what a comfort, what a satisfaction can be added to the lives of our neighbors and friends through kindness. How I would like to write that word in capital letters and emblazon it in the air. Kindness is the power that God has given us to unlock hard hearts and subdue stubborn souls."   - President George Alber Smith

Alright, got to go, but maybe next week I can try to send pictures??

Great to hear from everyone! Until next time,

Hermana Safeer

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