Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New Friend Named Abish & Little Things Lead to Big Things

David's (Zoe's Dad's) notes: Last week I was working on e-mail when Zoe's e-mail came in. She was "on-line" so we were able to send e-mail back and forth. It was great but it made me miss her a little be more!

This is a little girl in my ward named Abish. We're pals now. She can't talk, but she thinks she can so we just like to have some casual conversation every once in a while.  

I forgot to talk about Ashlee! She's awesome and 16 and a friend of Rosie. She's been coming to church and loves all of our discussions and is super cute and she has a goal to get baptized at the end of this month! Yahooo! Also, Rosie's been super awesome doing missionary work with us and with her friend, she comes to the lessons with us and helps us teach and share's her experiences even though she's not even a member yet! (but she will be this Saturday:)

And a quotation for the week:
"Don't rationalize away future happiness by taking shortcuts instead of applying sound gospel principles. Remember: little things lead to big things. Semming insignificant indiscretions or neglect can lead to big problems. More importantly, simple, consistent, good habits lead to a life full of bountiful blessings."

-Richard G. Scott

Our new house has too much fun together sometimes!

Besides just getting adjusted to this new transfer everything is well. Just working as usual, and nothing too out of the ordinary. Oh and I definately jynxed myself about it not raining anymore. It's still raining a lot!  

Until next week,

Hermana Safeer

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