Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zoe Teaches ALL IN SPANISH for the first time! Yahoooooo!!!

Note from David (Zoe's father): Before Zoe left for the Dominican Republic her biggest concern was the language. She knew about 10 words of Spanish! She also just finished her Sign Language Certificate at BYU Hawaii, and she has indicated in other e-mails that her 2nd language of sign language is helping her learn Spanish.

The picture is of the group that left with Zoe to go to their first assignments.

!Hola mi familia y mi amigos!

First off thanks Ann Dale and all the other people in our ward for my package, I loved all the letters and the CD and the mascara and it was all exactly what I needed and I loved it!

Things are awesome as usual. In the house we´re getting more and more creative with food. We had mango pie empanadas the other night and they were delicious! We mostly cook by stove top, so if anybody has good stove top recipes I´d love to get some emailed or mailed to me!  But we handle ourselves well in the kitchen. Also, thanks mom cause I started eating rice in milk with cinnamon and sugar and at first my housemates thought it looked weird, but now everyone eats it everyday cause it´s delicious!

Good new, I taught a lesson to a less active lady who´s super cute and has a young family about faith this week. The really good news was I was in charge of teaching it and was incharge of taking the lead and did it ALL IN SPANISH! Yahoooo!!!! I´m still not where I hope to be with Spanish and still the worst in my house for sure, but I´m learning everyday and that´s really all I can ask for.

I was asked to share about how we find people so here it is,
Almost all the people we teach are from references. Friends of friends. Or relitaves of people. It´s the best way to start teaching. We also teach a lot of inactive members. The other way we find people is just by talking to everyone we meet. And when we´re really lucky people will recognize us as missionaries or atleast ¨people of God¨ as they´ll say and come up to ask us to share with them or teach them. We´re pretty lucky that in this area we´re pretty busy with teaching people and don´t have to worry to much about finding them.

Also, one last thing is I want to tell you about one of our investigators named Stephany. Shé´s from Haiti, but now lives here. She´s had a rough life with her family and not having much money. She´s lives in a very small home with her boyfriend (i think that´s what I should call him) and her 2 kids. She´s 22 and she has a baby and a boy who´s probably like 5. When I first went to go meet her my companion was telling me about how they´ve been teaching her for a while and already they´ve seen a huge difference in her life. She said before they started teaching she didn´t smile and was just not doing too well. But by the time I met her she was smiling and happy. However, her 5 year old son was not. He was so angry all the time. He didn´t like me to look at him or smile at him and was just so angry with everything. It´s only been 3 weeks since I´ve started working with them and now he´s so smiley all the time! He´ll play with me and smiles and laughs and whenever we see him the first thing he doesn´t is tells us to come in. It´s amazing how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes people´s life. They´re status and situations haven´t changed, and they haven´t been baptized or anything, but they´re happy! It´s amazing! And as of a few days ago the boyfriend is starting to be taught too!  This family is going to be soooo blessed and they continue to learn and grow and live the way that they´re Heavenly Father wants them too and I love it!

Well sorry I got to go!

Todas es bien!

Hermana Safeer

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