Sunday, June 23, 2013

"We just stood there waiting for like 4 minutes waiting for a bird to answer the door."

NOTE FROM ZOE's DAD: This picture shows the Mosquito Netting that Zoe sleeps under (the green material.)

Things are starting to get crazy here weather wise. It´s CRAZY hot. Hotter than it ever got in Hawaii  Also, we´re coming up on rain and storm season, so we get some crazy floods. The other day my companion were walking to an appointment when it started POURING, so we hopped in a little colmado (shop) and waited for it to calm down.  The street were completely flooded and up onto the sidewalks. Everyone on the streets tried to find some place to guard themselves from the weather, except a few little boys that decide to go swimming in the water. Once it was pretty calmed down we tried to leave, but we were now on an island, as everything around us was covered in water. It was crazy. I had on crocks, but my companion took of her shoes to walk barefoot through the super gross flooded streets. It was definitely an adventure.

I´ll tell you also about a guy that we´re teaching. His name´s Cazy. He´s from Haiti and probably around 30. One of my first days being here, my comp and I were about to cross the street, but we saw this guy and his nephew (but at the time we thought it was his son) and my companion said that she felt the need to talk to him, so we waited for them to cross over and we just said hi and introduced ourselves as missionaries and that whole bit and then left on our way. About 4 weeks later my companion knocked on his door, while on exchanges with another missionary, and he remember her and said he would like to be taught about our church. Now we´re teaching him. The Lord puts you in the right places and in the path of people that he wants you to meet! Cazy is awesome and is very religious and seriously investigating our Church and does his homework. He read the Book of Mormon right along side the Bible and checks all the cross references to make sure it all adds up. He´s great and I´m excited to keep working with him!

On more funny story. Yesterday my companion and I were out inviting people to church. We´re at these appartment buildings and we knock on this door and we both hear someone say ¨Quien¨ (who is it?). Which is a very normal thing for people to say here. So of course we both say back ¨Las misioneras¨. Then we here something else, but we can´t tell what they´re saying so we just wait for them to answer the door. Then they say something again, but we can´t tell again. Then I say ¨I feel like we´re talking to a parakeet.¨ Turns out we were. We contacted a bird. We thought it was funny. We just stood there waiting for like 4 minutes waiting for a bird to answer the door.

Well that´s it for this week, but I´ll write more next week! Also, I swear my Spanish has improved a lot! Yo quiero escribir mas en español, pero esta un poco difícil para me. But my speaking is doing a lot better! One day I´ll really whip my Spanish out in an email. But no today. Also, I can´t spell in Spanish very well still. I´ll work on that.

Best wishes and I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Hermana Safeer

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