Sunday, May 26, 2013

"I guess when you´re a missionary weird things just happen sometimes!"

(From David, Zoe's dad: Zoe seems to be settling into a routine. Remember, you can write to her directly at and she will write back on Monday's.)
!Hola Hola!
So things are good here as usual. It´s getting hotter and hotter, but I´m really starting to get the hang of things. Let me give you an outline of a typical day here,

6.30  wake up
6.35  morning devotional with all the girls in our house
         breakfast, and excercise
8       personal study
9       companion study
10     12 weeks, which is a training program for new missionaries
11     language study
12     lunch
2       leave the house
2-8    work with people or do whatever is needed for that day
8       return home and start planning for the next day
8.30   dinner
10.30 sleep

It´s a pretty good schedule I think. And actually even though that´s our normal schedule, it only happens probably half the days of the week, because we end up having meetings or something else that we need to do in the morning. But I like my study time.

Not much time to write today, again, but I´ll share a quick story.

One day this week, me and my companion are walking somewhere in this neighborhood packed with houses and this lady yells at us to come over. She´s sitting in her house with the gate in front of the door closed, but the actual door open. So we walk over and she tell us to tell her the word of God. We don´t know what she actually wants us to do, but we ask her if we can sing a song for her. She says yes, so we sing Í Am a Child of God outside of her house. People are gathering around and listening and then this guy pulls up on his motorcycle and starts yelling at us how beautiful we sound singing this primary song. He´s just yelling at us ¨Que linda!¨The whole time. My companion and I are trying super hard not to laugh, but we finish the song and share a quick scripture with her and then walked over to the group of people listening to us and invited them to church if they wanted to come. It was really weird. But hey, I guess when you´re a missionary weird things just happen sometimes! Actually, a lot of weird things happen a lot, but I just think it´s adventurous and usually we get a good laugh out of it afterwards.  

That´s was just an odd story, but things are going very well with the people that we´re working with. We have two young boys (11 and 12) getting baptized soon and they and their mom are very excited. They love church and also love all the church activities that we have in our ward. Also, they love Thomas S. Monson. They´re determined to meet him one day. I love their enthusiam!

Well sorry this was a weird email, but got to go!

Hermana Safeer

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