Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quisqueya- Zoe's first area

From David (Zoe's Dad)- We talked to Zoe on mother's day and she sounded absolutely fantastic. She is really enjoying what she is doing and it was good to hear the sparkle in her voice.

Take a look at the e-mail she sent us this week and you'll get a good idea of what I am talking about.

I´m sorry I don´t have a lot of time to email this week and that things got a bit of schedule, because of the P Day change. So sorry if I don´t respond to everyone this week, but I will try my best and anything I don´t get to this week I will respond to next week for sure! Also, sorry but no pictures this week. Things are a little crazy so I can´t find a way to send them yet.

But as a very quick update, I am out in the field with my new companion Hermana Peck. She´s from Logan, UT. She´s also really tall and has short hair  (I think that somebody thought it would be funny to put us together) but she´s great! I live in a house with 6 of us girls total. Oddly enough we´re all American, which is nice because my Spanish is still struggling so much, but hopefully by the time I live with Latins it will be a nice push for me to really speak in just Spanish. I don´t think I could do that quite yet!  

We live in the nicest house in the mission here. That being said, I´ve also been to the crappiest Hermana house in the mission and there´s not too big of a difference. Our house is pretty big for here and it has a hot water heater which is really why it´s the nicest. I like it!

I´m currently serving in the City. Our area has some richer areas, but also has some very poor parts. A lot of our area is very urban and I call it the hood of Santo Domingo. This area is called Quisqueya. I don´t know if you can google map it or anything. (David's note: Click on the link and you can see the map.)

The work is great! We teach a lot of different people. We teach families who want to know more about our church, but usually it´s the mom who´s more interested. It´s kind of a tricky situation here because people don´t get married. They just have kids together and live together, but it´s expensive and difficult to get legally married and often times the ¨husbands¨ don´t want to commit themselves to actually get married. I don´t really understand it, but I guess it´s just a cultural thing. 

We teach a lot of children or youth. Often times they have friends in the Church and they like to share it with each other. Or sometimes the parents are inactive or not members, but they like our church so they want their kids in it. I like teaching kids and I´m less nervous to speak Spanish to them.

Also we teach a lot of English. I was suprised by that, but I like it because I know English! We teach at the church for free for anyone who wants to come every Wendsday. Another companionship teaches every Saturday at the church. We also just go to member, or non'member houses and teach them English personally at their home if they ask us to. I´m glad we teach so much English.

Well I better wrap it up, but thanks to everyone I heard from this week and I swear I will write back! Sorry it´s just taking me a little while.

I´ll also try to tell you more about the culture and my schedule and food and things like that and hopefully I´ll have some pictures!

Hasta luego!

Hermana Safeer

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