Monday, February 3, 2014

Zoe Finally Has Water!

David's (Zoe's Dad) Note: Zoe has been taking bucket showers for the last month or two. Now you will understand why she is so excited...!

Hey everyone! 

So not much to share this week... except WE HAVE WATERRR!!!!! best week of our life!!! It´s great. REAL great. Thanks you Alberto Jr. and your working partner for saving our house! 

So that´s the big news for this week. There is now a very happy house of 4 hermanas in Sabana Yegua everyone. Watchout. Also, we got 3 cieling fans brand new from the mission. Pretty snazzy too eh? I´d maybe be more exciting about it if I wasn´t comparing it to recieving water right now haha.

Besides that´s it´s been a slow week and yet a fast week. We have an amazing pool of investigators right now, and water,so I really couldn´t ask for more!

Oh and today we went to the capital for my companion to take an English Certification test and we celebrated with Sweet Frog! Yum!

¨You must stand up for something or you will fall for everything¨
-anonymous  (sorry if i spelled that wrong. I´m learning Spanish ya´ll and don´t have english spell check¨ 

talk to you later!


P.S. Oh and today we also celebrated with Krispy Kremes. Don´t judge us. The capital is a rare occasion for us!

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