Tuesday, February 18, 2014

President of Dominican Republic Visits Zoe

David's (Zoe's Dad's) notes: Zoe has had some really interesting experiences, but this one is pretty big. Read about Zoe and her visitor...

Hey ya´ll! I´ve got lots of pictures for you guys this week so be excited!

These first two are just the girls in my zone being together.

Carnival is coming up. These are a couple boys in their already made costumes and their whips. 

So Valentines day we had a nice surprise. Right across the street from our house is a baseball field. Guess who decided to stop by in their helicopter?

The President. As in the President of the Dominican Republic. I have no idea why he chose our town but he did. Then he hopped out and into a SUV

People and mostly children were running and climbing trees trying to see him over the big wall surrounding
 the baseball field. We had a perfect view on the roof of our two story house. 

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