Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zoe Moves to the Countryside & Hna. Moreno

David's Note: I have fallen way behind on posting Zoe's e-mails so I am going to try to get caught up.... lot's of postings in the next day or two...!


Hola! This week has been good, yet a little crazy a
gain. It was transfers! I{m out of Quisqueya and it{s weird but good! I{m sad to have left, especially because I know Quisqueya is going to have a lot of work this month and a lot of baptisms, and Juan Carlo{s mom is going to progress so much in these upcoming week, she wants to get baptized so badly! 

But on to Vicente Noble which is my new area. It{s about 4 hours worth of driving away from the capital and my old area. It{s as far out towards Haiti as Hermana{s go and me and the other American Hermana that came with me are the first American Hermana{s to be in this area. I have my first only speaks Spanish companion, Hna. Moreno and she{s from here and super nice and outgoing! It{s a weird switch to ALL Spanish, but good because i{m going to learn a TON this transfer. So in my house it{s me, Hna. Moreno (from Santo Domingo), Hna. Linares (from Mexico) and Hna. Glauser (from Syracuse UT) and it{s super fun! We've got a good house! And the literal house is really nice too and has 2 bathrooms and a big kitchen and a big main room! We have more space than we did in our last house! No hot water this time, but it{s hot outside anyways so it{s not a big deal!

The area is BEAUTIFUL! There{s actually trees and plants and isn't just all cement! There{s a ton a fruit and we have cherries, guavas, limes and i don{t even know what other fruit just growing at our house and i can eat cherries right of the tress from my bed window! The weather is really dry because we{re in a desert, but I've always liked the dry heat. Plus we actually get a breeze here yay! The people here are soooo nice! People aren't this nice, but they are! We teach a lot more families and adults here, which is a nice change. The ward is small (maybe 30 people) but with time it will grow. 

That{s all I have for today! I have some pictures from Quisqueya, I don{t know how to load my pictures from my new area, but I{ll work on it more next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hna. Safeer

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