Monday, July 22, 2013

The Youth May Not Live in the Best Areas, but They Live the Best Lives!

(Zoe's Dad's notes: Zoe mentions that she was in bed last week. Her back goes out once in a while and requires a chiropractic adjustment to feel better. We were concerned about what would happen if/when it went out while she was in the Dominican Republic. We were very happy to read it just took a couple of days of bed rest to heal.)
I have more pictures, particularly from the fourth of July, but I've got to wait until next week to send them.

As I previously stated, it创s been a slow week, because I was in my bed for a bit of it, but particularly yesterday was a good day. We had 8 younger boys (That are not members of our church) come to church and we ended up having a class just for them! They're just all awesome and invited their friends to church!

Also, at church all of the youth just got back from EFY (Especially for Youth) here and they all got up and spoke and bore their testimony and were all just super pumped still about how awesome it was. We have such amazing youth here! They may not live in the best areas, but they live the best lives!

This is Perla. She is super cute and 14 and is a recent convert so we still go and visit her a couple of times a week.

Sorry short. Until next week,

Hermana Safeer

P.S. I have pictures of my house to send, as my companion took them as she was bored in the house. This is our kitchen
This is our main room, and was also taken before my back went out. That创s why I创m sitting oddly in that chair at my desk.
Washing machine.
My desk. 

This is my journal entry from Tuesday. It's been a slow week but I was the missionary doctor and rested and am now up and going!

Our old District Leader and his companion. 

This is our new District. 

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