Sunday, July 7, 2013

A 3-Year Old Leads the Way, and 6 Hours of Pouring Rain

(David's Note: You'll notice that Zoe is starting to use Spanish words mixed with her English ones. This is a sign of the brain being as comfortable (or more comfortable) with the foreign word as the native one. Sometimes the foreign word is easy to say, like colmado vs. convenience store.

The other woman in the photo is Zoe's companion, Hermana Peck.)
A few fun things from this week,

First off, the RAIN. It´s crazy! We´re hitting rain season and the other day it rained for 6 hours! it POURED! Apparently Dominicans can tell if it´´s going to rain for 6 minutes or 6 hours. We didn't know, so we tried to work all day, but it didn't turn out well. We sat in an apartment lobby for an hour and sat under the roof of a little colmado (convenience store) for another 2. You get really sick from the rain here. I've actually had the gripe (pretty much a cold) since I've gotten here because of the rain. But this week I've actually not been sick! YAHOO! So we tried to stay out of the rain, but we still got soaked. Also, you can't go visit people when it's raining like that. They don't want you and it's kinda rude to try to come in all wet. We're still trying to learn Dominican Rain Courtesy. My house full of American's is still confused. But I look forward to a summer of crazy storms. We're not even at peak storm season yet.

Another fun thing was this week my companion and I had nothing to do for a couple hours, so we went to got knock on doors in these calle homes ( which are pretty much houses build on top of houses and around houses and through houses and are just a giant maze)  and these two super cute 3 year old boys started helping us and followed us for and hour. They were so adorable and told us were to go and told us who was home and who wasn't. Finally my companion asked how the knew who was home and who wasn't. They said because they have these padlocks on the outside of there gates. Duh. These 3 year old boys knew the way! They were so cute and so excited to help and follow us around and lead us everywhere. I loved it! And we ran into one later that night when we ran to the store real quick and he was there in the store and was so excited to see us and was ready to lead us to whatever we needed to find. It was so great to get a little extra help!

Besides that we're just working with some really awesome people! We have a family that we're working with. Their son who's about 15 has been in the church for a couple years now and now the mom and his 2 sisters are  looking in to it and we've started teaching them and they came to church this week which was really exciting! It´´s so great and this boy, Oscar, is so great and such a good example to his family. The family can see the positive difference in Oscar's life since being in the church and he's being a wonderful example and they can see all the blessings he's received from living a positive life and a life that's in accordance with God. 

We also got super excited for a girl, Carla, who's a friend of a girl in our ward and is 17. She's super cute and friendly and we've been teaching her too. She reads her Book of Mormon and comes to church and it was such a blessing this week that she's able to got to the EFY here! She wasn't supposed to be able to get in, but the bishop helped us and we've been praying that she´d be able to and now she's going! Yahoo!

There are a lot of awesome people that we've been privileged to work with, but I've got to go so I'll send more next week!

Hope all's well back home!

Hermana Safeer

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