Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoe's New Nicknames & Dora the Explorer

David/Dad's Notes: 

Zoe just finished her sign language certificate and that is the second language she refers to. Zoe is 21 and has looked she was in college since she was 14, but here aging process seems to have slowed down....

Hola Familia!
Things are good here, but nothing to new is going on here. I'm at the half way point and that's exciting!

Thanks for sending me a package, even though I haven't gotten it yet.

My Spanish is getting better and better every day. I'm starting to really feel the advantage of already knowing a foreign language. I think it's really true that once you know one, it's easier to learn more. Even if the foreign language that I already know isn't spoken. I still have to do a lot of piecing together and picking out the words that I understand. It's a small victory every time I hear somebody talk and fully understand a sentence- but hey I'll take it!

Things are fun here with the new missionaries. It's weird, because on Tuesday morning everybody leaves except the 19 of us that came here together 3 weeks ago. It will be empty here for a day, but Thursday we'll get new people. I'm not sure where they'll be from. It's fun getting to know the different people from all over the place. Did you know St. Lucia only takes 1 hour to drive around? Crazy small! I talked to the Sister from there and she never left her island until she came here. She's awesome. She joined the church less than 2 years ago and decided to serve mission and teach other people, the way that she had been taught.

We got to go shopping. That was fun. We went to like a Wal- Mart type place. Nothing too exciting, but it was nice to just get out. The prices were interesting. Somethings were super cheap and somethings were super expensive. It's just different! I didn't really buy anything, mostly just hangers.

Oh some weird things. Everybody thinks I'm 19. It's weird. Nobody's thought I've been younger than I actually am. I guess I have a baby face now? Hahaha it's just weird, cause I"m the oldest one in my district. Everyone who enters our class room we make them guess how old we all are. I always get 19. Also, I still don't know too much Spanish, but I do know one thing, the Dominican's keep calling me Barbie. Grande, alta, or Barbie. 
People who I don't know just keep telling me that. The people here are not afraid to tell you what they're thinking.

Oh and Dora here is backwards. She teaches English. Weird.

It's good to hear from everyone!

Until next time!

Hermana Safeer

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