Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Grand Week in the Dominican Republic

Zoe sent us this picture from the first day in the Dominican Republic. You can't see it, but she is wearing a blue skirt that Grandma Safeer gave her!

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Here is her e-mail from this week.

David (Zoe's Dad)

So this week's been grand. The Haitians all left back to Haiti and yesterday and today we got 40 new people! This place is overflowing! But it's great. We now have people from St.Lucia, Jamaica, Honduras, Panama, DR, USA, New Zealand, Guatemala, they're from all over the place! But most of them are Spanish speaking, which should be really nice for us to be able to practice. Because now there's a lot more Elders, we've switched rooms, so now I"m in a 8 person room, with 6 US girls from my district and 2 girls from Honduras. Also, this new group that came, I don't think anything of them are actually serving in the DR, I think they're all just training and then spreading out through the Caribbean and Central America.
It's crazy how many missionaries there are! We talked to a Senior Missionary Couple of the Santo Domingo East mission and they said right now they have 212 missionaries and about 10 of them are girls. The other 200 are Elders, so even though there is many Sisters here, there's still not very many out in the field. But we'll nearly double the Sister number once we get out there in 4 weeks! Also, the West mission has about 200 and so does the North. That's at least 600 missionaries and just in the Dominican Republic! Also, did you hear the missionary numbers at General Conference? There is 65,634 full-time missionaries currently serving, 20,000 people with their mission calls and 6,000 who have turned in their papers, but have yet to receive their calls. It's exciting!
General Conference was awesome here. It's like the Super Bowl for missionaries. All we did was eat and watch conference. Our mission President's wife made us home made cinnamon rolls one day and they were really good!
My Spanish is still slowly coming along. I had a full conversation in Spanish with my companion the other day. I was excited about it, even though it was a pretty rough conversation. She's a lot better at Spanish than me. Her name is Hermana Williams and she's from Provo, UT. She's really nice and cool. She's 20 and breeds reptiles and like rodents back home to sell to pet stores and zoos and things like that. It's different, but I think it's pretty cool. And she loves all the weird critters here. We get along really well and always motivate each other to work hard.
Also I would love some US stamps! If I send a letter here with US stamps it will get there significantly faster than if I send with Dominican stamps. Also, supposedly if you send packages with Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, or other Catholic/  Christian stamps the postal people are all Catholic and kinda superstitious, so I've heard they're less likely to mess with your packages.
Well I better go!
Talk to you soon and hopefully I can send pictures sometime soon!
Hermana Safeer

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