Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's start from the very beginning....

Once upon a time I was very excited to receive my mission call. I had sent in my papers and I knew that it would take approximately 2 weeks for my call to arrive. One day, I got out of class and checked my phone and saw this from two of my lovely roommates: 
(Molly and Hailey holding my mission call)

I had never seen a mission call, but I knew what this was. I screamed, causing an Auntie that was in my class to ask what was wrong. As I started running as I yelled back, "My mission call is here! I need to get home!" I literally ran home. 

I had already warned my 9 roomies that whenever and whatever date it arrived I'd give them 5 minutes to get there before I opened it.  Once I gathered all that could be get there in the 5 minute time limit, I opened it up!
My wonderful roomie, Tiffany, helped by covering the letter, so that I could only read one sentence at a time, and not just skip to where I was going. I could not even comprehend what I was reading (I for real read the words 'Dominican Republic' 3 times in my head before I actually read it out loud). I did not know where the DR was. Regardless, I sure was excited!

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