Sunday, August 3, 2014

It is HOT. Super hot. Like heat exhaustion hot

Nothing much new has happened this week. But it is HOT. Super hot. Like heat exhaustion hot. But it´s all good. 

Here´s a couple more photos from our trip to El Conde last week.


We also had a big service activity this week. We had a major problem with people dumping their trash right outside the church, so everyone pitched in and a garden was built! It´s great and everyone had such a good attitude to help. As well, we have men taking shifts guarding the garden everyday for the next month. Then it´ll go to every other day until they feel it´s safe enough that people won´t ruin the garden.

Also, I finish Jesus the Christ this week! Yahoo! Yes it´s taken this long.. but let´s keep in mind that I wasn't reading very consistently. But I found this a good one and interesting:

¨Have you some besting weakness, some sinful indulgence that you have vainly tried to overcome? Like the malignant demon that Christ rebuked in the boy, your sin may be of a kind that goeth out only through prayer and fasting.¨ -James E. Talmage 

Have a greeeeeat week!
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