Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Really Good Week! Nothing in particular....

David's Note: Zoe uses Hermanas instead of "Sisters" throughout her note. I am sure that she has other Spanish words that she substitutes for English regularly.

This week has been really good! Nothing particular I´m dying to talk about, but we´re teaching some AWESOME people which is always great! 

Things were a little crazy. We had a conference for all the Hermanas this week and did splits 3 days this week. Which is CRAZY a lot. Also we had other Hermanas sleeping over at our house this week, so it´s been hectic, but good! One of the days of my splits I was able to go with an Hermana from Mexico, and she doesn't speak any English so it was good to be forced to speak ONLY Spanish for an entire day. It´s still not completely natural for me but it went really well and we did a good job working that day! Also, another day my companion and I took out an Hermana who´s still in the MTC and we got to take her with us to our lessons that day. She did awesome! She´s learned a lot of Spanish already since she´s been here and she´s going to be so great once she actually gets out here in the field. 

This is Hermana Buhrley, Hermana Jorgensen and I. We´ve been super lucky to live together for 5 months on the mission! Not very many missionaries get to be together for that long, but we´ve been able to and it´s been so great!

This is our full district at the temple. It was sooo nice to be able to go!

These are all the Hermana´s in our mission. We had an Hermana Conference this week. It was good.

¨As we press forward along the straight and narrow path, we build progressive spiritual strength- strength in using our agency to act for ourselves.¨ -Robert D. Hales

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